“A Christmas Sermon for Pagans”

12-31-2023Weekly ReflectionC. S. Lewis

Strand magazine, Vol. 112, Issue 672, December 1946

Writing religion for sceptics has made C. S. Lewis a best-seller. His books on Christianity—chief among them “The Screwtape Letters”—sell better, and read more easily, than most crime stories. This sermon is a characteristic piece of writing by the Oxford don who has become the most entertaining missionary of our time. When I was asked to write a Christmas sermon for Pagans I accepted the job lightheartedly enough: but now that I sit down to tackle it I discover a difficulty. Are there any Pagans in England for me to write to? I know that people keep on telling us that this country is relapsing into Paganism. But they only mean it is ceasing to be Christian. And is that at all the same thing? Let us remember what a Pagan or Heathen (I use the words interchangeably) really was.


Take Action to stop doctor-assisted suicide in NYS

12-28-2023From the desk of Fr. Villa

Pressure is being brought again to pass an Assisted Suicide Bill in New York State. Please contact your senator and assemblyman to oppose any assisted suicide bill. This is part of the culture of death along with the wholesale taking of the lives of unborn children in our country.

The Hippocratic Oath that doctors take proclaims: “I will keep [the sick] from harm and injustice. I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody who asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect.” This is an essential precept for a flourishing civil society. No one, especially a doctor, should be permitted to kill intentionally, or assist in killing intentionally, an innocent neighbor.


The FBI: Anti-Catholic?

12-24-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Leonard F. Villa

The reporting that the FBI was targeting traditional Catholics has led to an investigation by the House of Representatives. Also taking up this matter and commenting on the House-Investigation is the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. Some of its commentary:

-There is a hate group inside the FBI that needs to be purged. It is targeting practicing Catholics and is relying on the Southern Poverty Law Center, Salon and The Atlantic to dig up dirt on them. The House Report on this issue is startling.


Wisdom and Catholic Teaching from Cardinal Gerhard Müller

12-17-2023Weekly ReflectionCardinal Gerhard Müller

Cardinal Müller is a theologian and formerly was the head of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith. He recently gave an interview on various topics giving his views, but more importantly, clarifying Catholic teaching! Here are some excerpts. You can read the whole interview here: What follows are excerpts from the interview:


The Pornography Pandemic II

12-10-2023Weekly ReflectionPeter Kleponis

Interview with Peter Kleponis, a Catholic psychotherapist who specializes in marriage and family therapy, men's issues and pornography addiction recovery.

ZENIT: If a person came to you and asked, "Am I addicted to pornography?" how would you define this for him?
Kleponis: A person who uses it on a regular basis is not necessarily addicted. What I ask is: Do you find yourself drawn to it? Do you find yourself thinking a lot about it? Do you find yourself looking forward to coming home from work at night and getting online and looking at the pornography? Do you rely upon it to deal with the stress of loneliness, male insecurity or job pressures? Is it very difficult for you to go several days without looking at pornography? If you're answering yes to these questions you very well may be addicted to pornography.


The Pornography Pandemic….

12-03-2023Weekly ReflectionPeter Kleponis

Peter Kleponis, a Catholic psychotherapist specializes in marriage and family therapy, men's issues and pornography addiction recovery. He gave this interview with ZENIT news:

ZENIT: How does this use compare between men and women? Kleponis: Currently about 83% of pornography addicts are men, and 17% are women. For women, it's the chat rooms rather than the visual pornography that they're looking at. Men and women are wired differently. Men are visually stimulated.