Defilement in the Cathedral and Its Meaning

02-25-2024Weekly ReflectionFr. Leonard F. Villa

…. the radical subversion of normal human life in the name of a paranoid metaphysical delusion. Edward Feser (see below)

You may have read about or seen this on the internet. It was reported worldwide: At a funeral service on February 15 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, men dressed as women and women dressed as men turned out to honor Cecilia Gentili.

Gentili is a man who falsely claimed to be a woman. He was an illegal alien, a drug addict, prostitute, trans-activist and atheist .This was the correct depiction of what happened in the Cathedral on the website of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. Catholic journalist Philip Lawler put it this way: The grotesque “funeral service” for Cecilia Gentilli was a carefully planned ploy to use a renowned Catholic church as the stage for an event glorifying sexual perversity. Sadly, it worked—and the cathedral was desecrated in the process. And because it was successful, we can all be sure that other LGBT activists will try it again. And again and again.

Fr. James Martin, an LGBT advocate, was delighted with the event, saying the trans-activists are “as much a part of the church as anyone else.” Fr. Martin sadly campaigns to co-opt the Catholic Faith and make it subservient to the LGBT ideology. He seems intent on facilitating this ideology, which rejects the Catholic Faith as one of its foundational viewpoints. People exclude themselves from the life of the Church through apostasy/heresy* and/or unrepentant mortal sin, something Fr. Martin seems to have forgotten along with his ordination-oath “to teach the Catholic faith.” Catholic teaching is that a person’s gender is given at conception and is not something “invented” or controlled by human beings.

Gender-ideology is the fastest growing “religion” (a species of the worship of self) in this country. Like many religions, its “theology” involves a transformation: the moment in which a person transforms from one gender to another. Converts to this faith abandon their old lives and embrace a whole new one: their previous identities no longer exist. They are dead names. They believe that they themselves are a god with the power to control nature and, if you think about it, this should be cause for concern because it is a recipe for extremism. People who believe they are a god tend sometimes to react very badly when told that they are not. There is no greater mental illusion than the illusion of being a god, and this is exactly what this ideology teaches its followers: you are a god, you can change nature with your will and thinking.

People were entertained by the musical The Music Man years ago. The story is about a con-man posing to be a professor of music. He promises unsuspecting citizens of River City, Iowa to put together a boys-band, selling them band instruments, instruction books and uniforms. The kicker is that “Professor Harold Hill” can’t read music, let alone teach it! He shares his new and innovative method, “The Think System”. He says that all the kids need to do is think about the music, and they’ll eventually be able to play it. Professor Hill was a con-man. Of course this was fiction.

The ideology of gender claims the think- system works for gender and changes reality! The ideology is based on a different con that you can cancel creation and God the Creator. Dissenters who point out that you don’t have this power have to be canceled. However, when you make war on reality, reality always wins, because human beings are not gods and never will be. Christianity on the other hand, through and with Christ and His sacraments transform the believer to be godlike by sharing His nature, not in rebellion against Him, but in loving Him with, through, and in His Son.

The ideology of gender is part of a larger mentality of revolution: The Revolution is first a certain philosophy and conception of the world. It is the political realization of naturalism. We can define it as such: “The Revolution is a set of doctrines and actions which want to replace the natural order of things and the natural order of societies wanted by the Creator in the civil, political and social institutions, by an organization elaborated by men themselves, and for that reason, in perpetual change.

There is also a diabolical element. Recall remarks of Pope Paul VI about diabolical activity in 1972 especially considering what went on in the Cathedral. Pope Paul VI said:

- We can presume that his (Satan’s) sinister action is at work -where the denial of God becomes radical, subtle and absurd;
-where lies become powerful and hypocritical in the face of evident truth;
-where love is smothered by cold, cruel selfishness;
-where Christ's name is attacked with conscious, rebellious hatred,
-where the spirit of the Gospel is watered down and rejected
-where despair is affirmed as the last word; ... (emphasis added)

With respect to the watering down of the Gospel, the Servant of God, Bishop Fulton Sheen back in the late 40’s of last century, indicated there would be a “counter-church,” that is, an assembly of clergy and laity, who would seek to co-opt the Catholic Church to serve the alien doctrines, morality, and ideologies of this world, while seeking to maintain the facade of church-structures and sacraments, giving familiar Catholic terminology alien meanings. Also something called nihilism “nothing-ism” is at work. While this has many meanings, in its political or social form, it is an ideology, which rejects the existing order and all social and political order and morality. Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote a whole novel about this appropriately called, The Demons or The Possessed, about this ideology in Russia which ultimately led to Bolshevism and all the destruction wrought by communism and its related ideologies. Catholic philosopher Edward Feser explains in an article called The Gnostic heresy’s political successors where the antics of the defilers of the Cathedral come from. Here are some excerpts:

-The Western world is the creation of the Church, and the crisis of the West is always at bottom the crisis of the Church. This is especially so where the Church has receded into the background of the Western mind – where men’s plans are hatched in the name of progress, science, social justice, equity, or some other purportedly secular value, and make little or no reference to religion. For liberalism, socialism, communism, scientism, progressivism, identity politics, globalism, and all the rest – this Hydra’s head of modernist projects, however ostensibly secular, is united by two features that are irreducibly theological. First, they are all essentially apostate projects, enterprises that have arisen in the midst of Christian civilization with the aim of supplanting it. And they could have arisen only within the Christian context, because, second, these projects are all heretical in the broad sense of that term. That is to say, they are all founded on some idea inherited from Christianity (the dignity of the individual, human equality, a law-governed universe, a final consummation, etc.) but removed from the theological framework that originally gave it meaning, and radically distorted in the process.

-Eric Voegelin (1901-1985) was among the most important thinkers to analyze modernity under the category of heresy, and the specific heresy he regarded as the key to the analysis was Gnosticism. The Gnostic heresy is one that has recurred many times in the long history of the Church, under various guises…And he argued that modern ideologies like communism, National Socialism, progressivism, and scientism are all essentially secularized versions of Gnosticism. …(W)hat the times call for is conservative sobriety. And orthodoxy. Heresies not only aim to subvert the Church, but they fill the vacuum that opens up when the Church loses its self-confidence, its fidelity to its traditional teaching, and its sense of mission – and as a consequence, loses its attractiveness. The crisis of the West is the crisis of the Church. The West will not be restored to health until the Church is restored to health. And that is a project that requires us to see beyond election cycles, and indeed beyond politics. You can read the whole article here:

The final battle between the Lord and the kingdom of Satan will be about Marriage and the Family.’ Don't be afraid, because whoever works for the sanctity of Marriage and the Family will always be fought against and opposed in every way, because this is the decisive issue…Our Lady has already crushed his head’.”
The Servant of God Sister Lucia of Fatima

*Apostasy is the total repudiation of the Catholic Faith. Heresy is the obstinate post-baptismal denial of some truth which must be believed with divine and catholic faith. Divine and catholic faith means believing the God Who reveals these truths.